Friday, February 28, 2020

New versions of xCAT and xDAX with multiFLEX support

Hi there,

it's been awhile since the last update..

A lot of things happened during the last 2 years (health, job and family wise) which took not only my time away but also my motivation to do any coding.. In this situation I could not even justify shelling out the money for the v3 upgrade as it would have been only for updating the apps..

I'm still not back to normal but I have slowly started again..

With a very positive result - I can now release the updated versions of xCAT and xDAX (versions 2.0) which do work with SmartSDR versions 2.5.1 and newer. When Flexradio switched to multiFLEX there was a significant change in the API so my existing applications did not work anymore.

So if your are running SmartSDR version 2.4.9 and lower on your radio please continue to use xCAT/xDAX version 1.0. If you are running SmartSDR 2.5.1 and higher on your radio you have to use xCAT/xDAX version 2.0.

Many thanks for all the support, especially Doug, K3TZR for his excellent Library which makes accessing the radio so easy and all the testers which helped me to find the bugs in the apps.

You can see the new versions in action in these videos of W1MSG and K3SF.

The new versions are as always available on the Downloads page.

I want to thank all members of the community for their patience in waiting for this update.

Thanks and 73
Mario, DL3LSM