Wednesday, February 7, 2018

New versions of xCAT and xDAX for the new radio models

Hi there,

as the new radio models are shipping I tried to anticipate what changes are needed to make xCAT and xDAX usable with these models (FLEX-6400(M), FLEX-6600(M)). As I don't have one of these models and I don't know someone who has and is a Mac user I could not test these changes.

So if you are using one of the existing models there is no need to change but if you've got one of the new models it is worth a try (and please report your success/failure to me). As there are no real changes I have also not updated the documentation (there is a major change in the works).

There were some reports in the community that existing versions of WSJT-X (on Windows) would not work with the new models. I guess this will be the case on macOS as well as the Hamlib version used in WSJT-X 1.8.0 does not recognize the IDs of the new models. In xCAT you can work around this if you set "Mask Flex-6300" in the "Setup" menu. With this your Flex will id as a FLEX-6500 to an asking CAT client application.

The new versions are as always available on the Downloads page.

Thanks and 73
Mario, DL3LSM